Madame Figaro “See You in My Dream” 限量產品


由Madame Figaro Hong Kong策展,邀請天馬行空的香港攝影師LEUNGMO,以愛、夢想和熱情作為是次創作的起點。疫情期間,LEUNGMO接觸了佛學,令她審視所謂現實的物質世界,原來眼見未為真,希望透過攝影,探索虛與實的邊界,重新看待這個世界和自己的關係。

展覽第一站在Sohohouse 舉行以「DREAM」作為序章,以影像穿梭於巴黎與香港。街頭像是一場盛大的舞台劇,也許我們都是演員,置身於夢裏;第二部分的「LOVE」,運用了人工智能技術,打破傳統攝影的限制,嘗試將抽象的愛,實體化以影像呈現。


展覽地點:BELOWGROUND 置地廣塲地庫

LEUNGMO is a Hong Kong-based photographer who was invited by Madame Figaro Hong Kong to curate an exhibition inspired by the themes of love, dreams, and passion. Known for her imaginative and whimsical photographic style, LEUNGMO's work was a stunning display of her creative vision. During the pandemic, she encountered Buddhism and believes that reality and illusion lie not just in the physical world, but rather in the interpretation of the mind, in search of inner truth.

The prologue to the exhibition that took place at SOHOHOUSE is about Dream. LEUNGMO takes everyone on a journey through the streets of Paris and Hong Kong. The streets are like a big stage show, maybe we are all just actors, living in a dream. Followed by "LOVE," which incorporates artificial intelligence technology to explore the multifaceted nature and diverse expressions of love.

For the second stop of the exhibition, "PASSION", LEUNGMO will express her artistic vision through the characterization of little monsters that represent various emotional qualities of human nature. By personifying these emotions in a playful and imaginative way, the artist aims to encourage viewers to embrace the diverse aspects of their inner selves with love and openness.

The exhibition runs from June 24 to July 04 and will take place at BELOWGROUND, Landmark Central.